Criminal due diligence

The economic world is increasingly subjected to detailed regulations in various fields, the violations of which are subject to criminal sanctions. As a result, companies and their directors and appointees run criminal risks on a daily basis, often without realising it. These risks can manifest themselves through weaknesses in company law structures, applicable policies, communication channels and/or supervisory mechanisms, among other things. The sanctions imposed can then affect both the company (reputational damage and depreciation) and individuals (fines and even (suspended) imprisonment).

So that companies and their directors are aware of these risks and can mitigate them - sometimes through relatively simple adjustments to their structure or policy - VSA offers criminal due diligence, providing tailor-made advice. This involves, on the one hand, clearly identifying and evaluating the possible risk factors specific to the activities of the company concerned and, on the other hand, making recommendations regarding possible risk-management measures and their implementation.

If it ever happens that the company and/or its directors have to answer to the criminal court, the criminal court will attach importance to the extent to which the company has taken preventive measures as part of risk management (under criminal law). Contact us for more information on this.

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