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The law firm is open
from Monday to Friday
between 8am and 7pm.


Durmstraat 29
9030 Mariakerke

Stoofstraat 81 A 01
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08021 Barcelona (ES)

Make afsrpaak?

If you are already a client, please contact us by phone or e-mail for an appointment. Appointments can be made at our offices in Mariakerke and Brussels.

If you are not yet a client, you can contact us by phone or e-mail for an intake interview so that we can check with you whether we can defend your interests.

This is done based on several criteria, such as the value of the dispute, the estimated cost, the capacity of the person involved, the likelihood of success, and so on. 

After the intake, an initial appointment can then be set for an in-depth discussion after which an agreement will be made.


Are you entitled to legal assistance?

Your insurer may pay the legal fees, so it’s advisable to check your policy and your legal assistance cover beforehand, or to ask us to do so for you. You can read more about legal assistance on this page.

Will you email us?

If so, be sure to state your first name and surname and include a telephone number on which you can be reached. If you wish, you can also specify when is the best time to call you back. Bear in mind that an email cannot be the starting point of a client relationship between yourself and one of our lawyers. Legal advice will only follow once we have concluded an agreement.

Confidential information

Don’t include confidential or sensitive information in an email: we may represent a party with conflicting interests.