liability and insurance law

VSA assists businesses, individuals and insurance companies alike in all possible facets concerning liability, insurance and claims.

When suffering damage at the hands of someone else, you are entitled to appropriate compensation. VSA provides assistance in tracking down the liable party and then obtaining appropriate compensation. Of course, you yourself may also be sued by third parties for fault or negligence committed by you, a family member, a pet, an insured person or an appointee.

Also in these cases, we assist you with a view to contesting your liability if necessary and obtaining a correct settlement with the claimant. Given our expertise in criminal and traffic law, we have the necessary experience in handling cases involving physical damage resulting from unlawful acts (violent crime, sex offences, traffic accidents, etc.). In cooperation with various specialists (doctors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, traffic experts, etc.) we strive to achieve a correct settlement of damage for both the victims and the claimants.

In doing so, we try to handle every dispute as pragmatically and efficiently as possible with assistance from the first phase onwards (expert assessments, negotiations, etc.) and with attention to the pursuit (if desired, possible or appropriate) of an amicable settlement in order to avoid possible legal proceedings.

Our areas of expertise within liability law:

  • extra-contractual liability
  • contractual liability
  • product liability
  • assessment of physical damage
  • traffic accidents
  • medical liability
  • etc.

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