Sexual criminal law

Sexual criminal law constitutes a subject matter within criminal law which, partly under the influence of the MeToo movement, has gained enormous importance in recent years and is the subject of changing trends in jurisprudence and legislative reforms. VSA's vice cell has long specialised in this niche and is directly involved in the most high-profile cases. As a result, VSA's vice cell not only has in-depth legal knowledge of the latest state of affairs in this subject matter, but also has a feel for - often extremely delicate - vice cases, their suspects and victims like no other.

Based on its knowledge and experience, the vice cell always works together with the client to find the best approach for the case in question, in order to obtain the most favourable result possible, both when acting for a suspect and for a victim. The interests and protection of the client are paramount.

The vice cell deals with the following matters, among others:

  • rape and indecent assault
  • harassment and electronic nuisance
  • fornication and prostitution
  • possession, manufacture and distribution of child pornography

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