Van Steenbrugge Advocaten aims to practise advocacy of an exceptionally high level, in which thoroughness, legal expertise and discernment, a multidisciplinary approach and a well-considered strategy are the building blocks, and which leads to socially relevant legal outcomes (in Belgium, Europe and worldwide) as far as possible.

Independence is indispensable at Van Steenbrugge Advocaten, enabling the lawyer to assist his or her client in complete freedom as an honest and indefatigable legal adviser and counsel, with respect for core values such as reliability, integrity and human dignity.

Our style of service is impeccable, shows a high degree of creativity and is clear in all its forms of communication.

Advanced technology and well-thought-out business processes support our service provision and ensure an excellent, innovative operational approach in which the client is central.


We defend every case the way we would want it to be defended ourselves. We set ourselves a high standard. The only consideration is the client’s interests, which we pursue actively, unreservedly and without passing up on any opportunity.

During an initial meeting, we assess whether and how we can best serve you as a new client. Together we will consider whether our services match your needs and situation. You will find out what you can expect from us and under what conditions. This also includes a cost assessment, and we will look at whether you are entitled to legal assistance.

The emphasis is on a thorough approach, and we employ a standard method for every case. The basis of this is an analysis of the facts of the case and the legal aspects, underpinned as far as possible with multidisciplinary information. A strategy is then carefully devised, in which the preservation of human dignity is central.

A strong team of highly specialised lawyers will look for a solution to every aspect of your case. Our multidisciplinary approach is a unique strength, taking us beyond the confines of our own firm: we constantly rely on an extensive network of external specialists who are the best in their field, and who provide insights and background information that can help resolve your legal problem.

We combine this thorough approach with a high degree of creativity and legal acumen. In this way, we are able to help you in the most complex situations.


In the early 1990s, three young lawyers, Christine Mussche, Walter Van Steenbrugge and Jo Van Acker, felt that their ideas were too similar not to work together. Their legal partnership was formed in September 1991, specialising from the outset in both criminal and civil law.

In the early years Jo Van Acker and Walter van Steenbrugge worked from a building on Gebroeders Vandeveldestraat in Ghent. On 1 May 1994 they moved together with Christine Mussche to an office on Limburgstraat. Soon other lawyers and administrative staff joined the trio. In 2008 the team left the city centre for Merelbeke, but seven years later they had outgrown their premises there in turn. On 1 July 2015, Van Steenbrugge Advocaten relocated to a building surrounded by woodland and nature in Mariakerke. Twenty lawyers and eleven administrative staff work there as a close-knit, smoothly functioning team.

The firm believes strongly in 360-degree teamwork, with specialists in a variety of fields and an ongoing process of knowledge and strategy transfer. Our single-minded goal is to represent and defend our client’s interests as effectively and fairly as possible.

An eye for an eye
makes the whole world blind

— Gandhi


  • With specialists in every field of law, we offer the greatest legal expertise.
  • We don’t do run-of-the-mill advocacy: we fight with flair and with the utmost concern for the client’s interests. We leave no weapon unused in our efforts to win the fight.
  • Every defence we conduct is based on thorough analysis and a well-considered strategy. We’re convinced that hard work alone yields the best results for the client.
  • We are also creative spirits: we know from experience that high-level advocacy requires you, as a lawyer, to be able to take an unconventional approach at times.

Without sleepers
you don't lay tracks.