Corporate criminal law

The economic world is increasingly subjected to detailed regulation in various fields. Violations of these regulations are curbed not only by administrative law, but also by criminal law. As a result, companies and their directors and appointees face criminal risks on a daily basis, often without realising it. To mitigate these risks, VSA offers tailor-made due diligence in accordance with criminal law.

When a company, its directors and/or appointees are suspected of a criminal offence in the context of the company, it is important that the criminal investigation is followed up from the outset by a team with expertise in the matter. Indeed, the consequences of a criminal investigation can be significant: not only is the company's reputation at stake, but the company's accounts may also be frozen and its economic activities curtailed. Since the defence before the court under corporate criminal law often involves technical matters, it is best to start preparing in good time.

VSA has experience in the criminal and administrative law defence of companies, their directors and appointees, as well as in assisting victims in the context of the following crimes, among others:

  • economic and financial crimes
  • tax offences
  • bankruptcy crimes
  • social crimes
  • town planning and environmental crimes
  • infringements of the Companies and Associations Code
  • cybercrime

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