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Sports law

The presence at VSA of multiple specialists in various fields of law has enabled it to build a large clientele in sports law over many years,

After all, this is an area characterised by the wide variety of issues that may arise. Sport has become an increasingly money-oriented and hence colourful business.


A great knowledge of contract and company law is essential for the athlete and the sports club. All too often, the athlete's contracts with his club lack transparency or the most important aspects that may determine the athlete's future are not provided for in the agreement. Portrait rights are often not dealt with so that unpleasant surprises can turn sour on the athlete. A clear, fiscal explanation is also appropriate, in addition to a thorough and sound knowledge of labour and social security law. Of course, there are also the disciplinary and disciplinary disputes that are best handled by lawyers specialising in penalty - and disciplinary law.

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VSA’s strength is that it has specialists in all these areas, so that any sportsperson can engage in one-stop shopping, turning to the firm for help with any kind of issue or conflict. one stop shopping can do.

It is therefore no coincidence that VSA now acts on behalf of numerous professional sports clubs, especially in football and cycling (seven professional clubs in the Belgian league and two World Tour cycling teams).


The issues faced by athletes have an international component, so that knowledge of the law of high-level sporting bodies such as FIFA, the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the Olympic Committee (IOC) is required.

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