Companies and associations

Entrepreneurs have various options for establishing collaboration with others through a company or an association. Well-drafted articles of association are the necessary basis to achieve this. By drawing up carefully considered agreements with shareholders, managers and other partners, a company can also forestall any disagreements or problems.

VSA strives to be a partner at your company’s side. We oversee corporate housekeeping and guide you through the entire restructuring and acquisition processes.

In the event of a dispute, VSA's Business Unit will look after your interests assiduously, whether in out-of-court negotiations or in court proceedings.

The Companies and Associations Section has special expertise and experience in various areas including:

  • forming of companies and associations
  • corporate housekeeping, including the conformity of the articles of association with the new code of companies and associations (read here a blog and opinion contribution);
  • steering acquisitions and restructuring of companies and associations
  • drafting shareholder, management and other company law agreements (read here a blog and opinion contribution)
  • drafting family charters and providing guidance on family governance, including the organisation of family councils;
  • assistance for companies, associations and their shareholders, members and directors in connection with conflicts, including disputes between shareholders and members of associations, disputes regarding directors' liability, and disputes over an acquisition;
  • assistance in meeting the legal obligations associated with the UBO register and, if necessary, submitting an application to restrict the visibility of the information.