Acquisitions and Corporate Housekeeping

Founding and restructuring

VSA assists companies in setting up and restructuring companies and associations, and in fulfilling their specific corporate law obligations.

Transfer and acquisition

In addition, VSA assists companies in the transfer and acquisition of shares, a trading fund, an industry and other assets. Over the years, VSA has built up special expertise with regard to the acquisition of professional football clubs. VSA is responsible for, among other things, the legal due diligence, the drafting of the acquisition agreement and other agreements, both on the side of the buyer and the seller.

Luck is what happens
when preparation
meets opportunity

Transfer of family businesses

VSA also has special expertise in the transfer of family businesses to the next generation in order to guide a tailor-made transfer that meets both the wishes of the parents and the expectations of the children. VSA also has a specific wealth and succession planning cell.