Trade distribution and other commercial contracts

the development of a network

There are various forms of cooperation for the development of a distribution network, each of which has its own legal framework that determines, among other things, the rights and obligations of both parties, the compensation scheme, the possibilities for termination and any termination compensation owed.

For specific forms of cooperation, there is also a pre-contractual information obligation for those who grant (distribution) rights, with regard to, among other things, the market conditions in the sector concerned and the already existing distribution network.

The VSA business unit can advise and assist you in making the right choice for a specific form of cooperation, the drafting of the cooperation agreement and the settlement of (legal) disputes, including:
  • agency
  • concession
  • brokerage
  • Commission
  • franchising
  • other commercial contracts (such as license agreements, sponsorship agreements, independent service agreements, among others)