Criminal law

Specialisation and experience

VSA's criminal cell is particularly specialised in the following matters, among others:

Assistance from A to Z

VSA accompanies its clients from the start of a criminal investigation (and even acts in certain cases preventively ) until the final ruling, the penalty end and the handling of any insurance claim.


Driven team with all round knowledge

The driven team of lawyers around associates Walter Van Steenbrugge, Christine Mussche, and Johan Heymans assists both suspects and victims with thorough legal knowledge, a well-considered (trial) strategy and an open mind. This involves, depending on the subject matter of the case, notions of neurology, psychiatry, psychology, sociology and corporate finance, among others, and regularly calls on traffic experts, toxicologists, specialised doctors and accountants. Also, for certain cases (particularly in the corporate criminal law) closely associated with VSA's corporate cell. That way, VSA knows how to turn over every stone in a case.

At home and abroad

VSA acts throughout Belgium (in both Dutch and French) before all judicial, administrative and disciplinary bodies. At the international level, VSA defends your interests before the European Court of Human Rights.

You can also turn to VSA for foreign criminal proceedings, now that it has contacts and partnerships with law firms in several other countries.

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