Power and Succession

Your assets and family ties taken care of in a legally conclusive manner

The Wealth and Succession Planning Unit assists individuals and entrepreneurs in every phase of their lives. Depending on each situation, we estimate what the needs and wishes are, and then come up with a solution together.

We start by taking a 'snapshot' of your assets and family situation, in order to estimate the impact in the event of a (sudden) death. In this way, your specific situation can be further optimised, taking future changes into account.

You will find in us a reliable right-hand man for your carefree future.

For example, you can count on us for:
  • transferring assets (shares, real estate, investment portfolio, art, ...) to the next generation without any worries and in a tax-efficient manner (while retaining control and income if desired)
  • drawing up a marriage contract, power of attorney or will
  • the organisation of your philanthropic purposes
  • the purchase of a second residence
  • protecting both minors and adults with disabilities
  • cross-border planning (based on nationality, location of certain assets, residence, control structures, etc.).