Jo Van Acker

Corporate law partner

Jo Van Acker was one of the founders of the office together with Walter Van Steenbrugge. Together with Karel Paelinck, he leads the team of lawyers in the company cell and disproves the most complex cases.

Jo Van Acker and Walter Van Steenbrugge got to know each other as trainees in the law firm of former minister Luc Van den Bossche. They shared the same vision and drive and decided to set up their own office together, which was later strengthened by Christine Mussche and has since grown into the current VSA law firm.

As a 'man behind the scenes' for the 'lawyers' Walter Van Steenbrugge and Christine Mussche, Jo Van Acker has gained enormously rich experience, not only in the organization and improvement of the internal processes of the firm, but also in legal terms, in very versatile and very numerous and challenging dossiers. Initially in administrative law and criminal law, but later, as the office grew, especially in contract law, and later specifically in attachment law, banking law and corporate law.

The team of corporate lawyers currently works with various 'specialists', each of whom focuses on their own sub-field in corporate law, whereby Jo Van Acker (besides the files he handles in his own preferred areas) also acts as 'coach' and 'generalist'. '. In this way, the specialized knowledge of every lawyer in the corporate unit is linked as much as possible to the knowledge, experience and strategic insight that Jo Van Acker has built up over the years.


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