Jo Van Acker

Corporate law partner

Jo Van Acker co-founded the firm with Walter Van Steenbrugge. Jo Van Acker leads the team of lawyers in the business unit together with Karel Paelinck, successfully handling the most complex cases.

Jo Van Acker and Walter Van Steenbrugge got to know each other as trainees in the law firm of former minister Luc Van den Bossche. They shared the same vision and drive and decided to set up their own office together. With the subsequent arrival of Christine Mussche, this developed into the law firm VSA in its current form.

Working behind the scenes for barristers Walter Van Steenbrugge and Christine Mussche, Jo Van Acker has gained a vast wealth of experience, not just in organising and improving the firm’s internal processes, but also in legal terms while dealing with enormously varied, numerous and challenging cases. Initially most of his work was in administrative law and criminal law, but contract law became increasingly important as the firm grew, and later he also specifically worked on attachment and seizure law, banking law and business law.

The team of business lawyers currently works with various specialists in different fields of business law, with Jo Van Acker acting as coach and generalist (in addition to the cases he handles in his own chosen fields). In this way, the specialised knowledge of each lawyer in the business unit is combined as far as possible with the knowledge, experience and strategic insight that Jo Van Acker has built up over the years.


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