Business law

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VSA’s Business Unit works to make a company’s life as easy as possible in each of these areas by advising implementation of important decisions and restructuring processes, on negotiating, concluding and managing contracts and on conducting legal proceedings if they cannot be avoided.VSA acts as a partner to the company, working actively and in close consultation with it to come up with strategies and solutions in all relevant areas.


The Business Unit relies on a team of dedicated specialists in this connection. The unit’s lawyers have special experience and expertise in a wide range of issues and disputes that a company may typically face. As a result, it is able to assist companies in complex cases and disputes that touch on various areas of law. In addition, working with VSA’s specialists in criminal law may be particularly useful in certain cases or proceedings.

With its wide-ranging expertise and highly motivated team, VSA aims to act as a one-stop shop to which companies can turn, enabling them to deal with legal questions or disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible with a familiar team. When a problem or dispute arises in a legal field in which VSA lacks the required expertise, it works with trusted partners.

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