Where do you think our morals come from? Online dialogue with Mia De Schampelaere and Walter van Steenbrugge

Date: Tuesday 13 April 2021 20:00

Region: Antwerp

Location: Zoom

Type: Talk evening

Organiser: An organization of the Humanist Association (Flanders) in collaboration with the VKMO – Catholic Network (Netherlands)

The new publication The tamed man (Gompel&Svacina Publishers) is a unique project with contributions from 140 (known and unknown) authors from Flanders and the Netherlands with diverse cultural and ideological backgrounds. Edited by historian Martin Harlaar.

Based on the book, the Humanist Association (Flanders) and the VKMO Katholiek Netwerk (Netherlands) are organizing a series of dialogues with two authors or speakers each with expertise in the themes of ethics and living together.

On Tuesday evening, April 13, lawyer and politician (CD&V) Mia De Schampelaere will have a conversation with lawyer Walter Van Steenbrugge. They, too, are addressing the two pressing questions that are at the heart of this series of dialogues:

What is the origin of morality?

How can people with divergent religious and ideological views still live together harmoniously?

Following the conversation, participants can ask questions via the Q&A feature of the online webinar.

the speakers

Mia De Schampelaere is a lawyer and has a long track record in Belgian politics, including as a Christian Democratic representative, senator, councilor and alderman (CD&V).

We are all vulnerable and no one can escape the brokenness of existence. How do we remain good and courageous when others envy and deceive us, when we can hardly make ends meet to stay alive, when we are threatened with physical or psychological violence? That is a great human challenge. Too big for humans alone?

Walter Van Steenbrugge is a Belgian lawyer, author and criminal lawyer. He gained fame following the murder of veterinarian Karel Van Noppen and recently appeared in the media as a lawyer for general practitioner Joris Van Hove in the notorious euthanasia process involving Tine Nys.

It will be important to teach today's children this international treaty text (the European Convention on Human Rights, ed.) as the basis for a valuable life, rather than being stuffed from birth with absurd expectations and other religious fantasies, often labeled as morality.

Registrations and info

Participation is free, you can register via this link. After registration, participants will receive a link for the Zoom session via email.

More information: secretariat Humanist Association, secretariat@humanistischeverbond.be, T 03 233 70 32 (during working hours).