Obligation to vaccinate in the healthcare sector

Dear Ms,

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your e-mail which may be linked to my passage on “The appointment" from November 16, 2021.  

Along with your email, my office has received over 3,000 emails and phone calls from people who are concerned or in a similar situation.

Unfortunately, my team is unable to answer every email or call substantively.

In general I can inform you that:

  • our team of lawyers is already trying to obtain the text that the federal government has sent or will send to the Council of State on the obligation to vaccinate in the healthcare sector in order to be able to legally study and analyze it.
  • non-profit organization Legal Hearts today via a highly motivated letter based on the principle of open government all has requested relevant data from sciensano. After all, today we are confronted with a shortage of relevant data and information and, above all, with a lack of data transparency.

With regard to your specific request for assistance or support, I dare to refer you to vzw Legal Hearts (see website: https://legalhearts.org/ or email: legalhearts@protonmail.com).

In case your problem would require a legal solution, the non-profit association will contact my office so that we can check whether the requested legal assistance can be provided and, if so, under what conditions.

Hoping to have informed you sufficiently with this, I sign,

yours faithfully,

Walter Van Steenbrugge