Against your feet Episode 1: Can you make vaccination mandatory?

The sharp view of 2 lawyers on current affairs and society. Walter Van Steenbrugge and Johan Vande Lanotte look with one eye at what is going on in our society and with the other at the law and the law.

“When we give our opinion, we will sometimes take listeners out of their comfort zone, make them think and look at what's going on outside the mainstream. That's why we call our podcast 'Against Foot'."

Can the government make vaccinations compulsory? Does the curfew go against our constitution? How far does freedom of expression extend? The topics are broad, the questions are pertinent and the answers are enlightening.

Walter Van Steenbrugge is a lawyer, he acts in sports and criminal cases and pleads in courtrooms at home and abroad. Johan Vande Lanotte was professor by special appointment of constitutional law and federal minister and now works as senior legal counsel for corporate law at Van Steenbrugge Advocaten.

Tegenvoets – a new podcast with Walter Van Steenbrugge and Johan Vande Lanotte.

Episode 1 can now be listened via this link!