Cedric Haspeslagh

Managing Partner Corporate Law

Cedric Haspeslagh specialises in banking law, seizure and enforcement law, contract law and insolvency law. He initially opted for a career as a judicial officer before joining the Ghent Bar and Van Steenbrugge Advocaten in 2014

Cedric Haspeslagh obtained a bachelor’s degree in business management in 2008, specialising in legal practice. He gained a master’s in law in 2012. After his studies, he completed a two-year internship as a judicial officer at Robrecht Timmerman’s firm in Ronse. As time went by he became increasingly fascinated by the legal profession.

On the basis of his interests and experience, Cedric Haspeslagh focuses on various aspects of business law at Van Steenbrugge Advocaten, with a high level of expertise in private banking and credit law, seizure and enforcement law, contract law and insolvency law.

Degrees and qualifications

Bachelor's in Business Management (specialising in legal practice), Artevelde University College, cum laude, 2008
Master's in Law, Ghent University, magna cum laude, 2012
Erasmus Mundi Programme, University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom, 2011-2012


Robrecht Timmermans judicial officers’ firm, 2012-2014
Van Steenbrugge Advocaten, 2014-present


Registered at the Ghent Bar since 2014


Banking and financial law
Seizure and enforcement law
Contract law
Securities law
Insolvency law (bankruptcy, judicial reorganization, collective debt settlement)
Private international law and procedure

Legal Contributions

"Mortgage creditor's collateral broadened: civil fruits also become immovable after bankruptcy" (note under Cass. 9 December 2021), TIBR 2022, ch. 1, RS-176.

"Credit opening, loan and reinvestment fee: the story goes on & on & on" (review of Cass. 3 February 2022), Corporate Finance Lab, 22 March 2022.

“Commentary on Articles XX.21 to XX.37 of the Code of Economic Law” in Annotated Company Law Code, Brugge, die Keure, 2021, 901-915 (identification of companies in difficulty, provisional measures, company mediator and amicable agreement).

"Resistance to rents after executive real estate attachment and debtor's declaration (art. 1576 Ger.W.)" (note under Ghent 8 October 2019),  RW 2021-22, ep. 15, 597-601.

“Comment on article 1576 Jud.W.” in Comm.Ger., Mechelen, Kluwer, 2021, ep. 122, 1-30 (immovable property of and opposition to rent and lease payments after executory immovable property).

"The Catch 22 of the judicial reorganization: balancing between an open portal and the fight against abuse”, TBH 2021, ep. 6, 817-827.

"Kan een voorkooprecht worden uitgeoefend onder voorbehoud van de makelaarskosten?", RABG 2020, afl. 15, 1268-1271.

"Investeringskrediet en wederbeleggingsvergoeding. Licht aan het einde van de tunnel na recente cassatiearresten?", Corporate Finance Lab, 13 augustus 2020. RABG 2020, ep. 15, 1268-1271.

"Investment credit and reinvestment allowance. Light at the end of the tunnel after recent cassation judgments?" (discussing Cass. 27 April 2020 and Cass. 18 June 2020), Corporate Finance Lab, 13 August 2020.

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"Litigating by or against (or suing and executing against) a bankrupt" (note under Cass. 11 October 2018), RW 2020-21, 702-705.

Opinion & blog

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