mr. Christine Mussche has become a well-deserved patron of the year 2020-2021!

Pattern of the year

Van Steenbrugge Advocaten is a sizeable SME, pulled by a few powerful locomotives.

Christine Mussche is one of them. It is not for nothing that she is the first on the stationery. Christine is not only a train driver, but also a train conductor. And rather than checking that everything is in order, she wants to know if everything is going according to plan.

Christine Mussche is a radiant figure with whom everyone wants to talk. Her willingness to listen is boundless. Also for its employees.

Christine has her heart in the right place. More than anyone else, she knows how to inspire our team. So it's no wonder that we all have a warm heart for her.

Do we as Gentenaars open the door when we say that she is a wise lady?

She is great on many levels. The accompanying video highlights some facets of her personality that we really appreciate. Knowing her passion, it was obvious that we brought a dancing ode.

Thanks to her, VSA is not only a large SME, but above all a warm CMO.