Dispute resolution



VSA advises companies in the first place in a preventive way, in order to avoid disputes or at least to foresee and limit them as much as possible.

Amicable settlement

If a dispute nevertheless arises, VSA's corporate unit (if desired, possible or appropriate) will always try to avoid proceedings by means of an amicable settlement of the dispute that has arisen.


In the event that a procedure is opted for, the VSA corporate unit can fall back on a team of experienced litigators.

Seizure or execution

Thanks in part to her very extensive experience in debt collection and banking disputes VSA has special expertise in the attachment and enforcement law.

Precautionary measures and forced execution

In parallel with the amicable negotiations and/or procedure, care is always taken to ensure that any necessary protective measures are taken, such as the imposition of a conservatory attachment, in order to prevent the debtor from becoming insolvent during the procedure or amicable negotiation.

Finally, the forced execution of a judgment, for example by means of an executory attachment, will be initiated if the debtor does not voluntarily execute the intervening judgment.


Commercial and corporate disputes

VSA's corporate cell assists companies in a variety of commercial disputes with suppliers, customers, intermediaries and other commercial partners or third parties, such as disputes regarding commercial distribution and other commercial contracts,, trading practices and consumer protection,, intellectual ownership, data protection and privacy, property and real estate law, and insolvency law.

In addition, VSA's business unit has extensive experience in corporate disputes, such as disputes between shareholders and members of associations, disputes regarding directors' liability and disputes arising from takeovers and restructuring.

Senior Team: Jo Van Acker, Karel Paelinck, Elisah Vanhecke

Collections and banking disputes

VSA has been assisting companies for 30 years with the collection of outstanding receivables at home and abroad.

In addition, the corporate unit has special knowledge and experience in banking disputes. For example, VSA has been acting for more than 25 years for one of the major banks in Belgium, as well as for companies and private individuals in various disputes relating to all kinds of loans, credits and the securities provided for that purpose.

Partly as a result of its intervention in the aforementioned disputes, VSA also built up a special and very extensive knowledge of the attachment law on.

Senior Team: Jo Van Acker, Cedric Haspeslagh

Employment law and social security disputes

The VSA company cell assists both employers and employees in employment law and social security disputes, such as disputes regarding the termination of an employment relationship or disputes with the National Social Security Office

Administrative disputes

Companies and organisations are often faced with administrative decisions that affect or restrict their activities or even make them impossible. VSA has in-house expertise to advise and assist your company and, if necessary, to take action to safeguard your rights.

Senior Team: Johan Vande Lanotte, Pieter-Bram Lagae


More and more companies are trying to find a solution to a dispute through mediation.

VSA has the necessary knowledge and experience to assist companies in the context of mediation, whether or not imposed by the court.

In addition, Mr. Karel Paelinck also as an accredited intermediary in commercial matters.