Data protection and privacy

Both for companies and individuals

Legal protection

The so-called 'GDPR' is of particular interest given the increased concern for proper protection of personal data and privacy and the significant sanctions associated with any violation thereof.

For companies

Companies and organizations must adapt their business processes at every level and within every service to the applicable legislation in order to avoid high fines.

The VSA Enterprise Cell can guide you to help your company or organisation privacy proof and can, among other things, be responsible for drawing up the necessary privacy conditions, processing agreements, a data processing register, etc.

For individuals

Individuals enjoy many rights under privacy legislation, including the right to information, opposition, access/inspection, improvement, data portability, data erasure, etc.

As an individual, you can also contact the VSA corporate unit to assert your privacy rights, such as the removal of specific data that is accessible via search engines on the internet.

Senior Team: Elisah Vanhecke