Episode 9 - #metoo

Against your feet? That is the sharp view of 2 lawyers on current affairs and society. Walter Van Steenbrugge and Johan Vande Lanotte look with one eye at what is going on in our society and with the other at the law and the law.

A tweet from Zuhal Demir has gone down badly with Walter and Johan. The Flemish Minister of Justice reacted to a statement made by lawyer Christine Mussche about an offender she was defending: "Before he committed these acts, he was an ordinary boy." Demir could not digest that: "An 'ordinary boy', master Mussche? An ordinary boy does not rape women. There is never an excuse for that. Never. #elaying sentence."

A painful slip of the pen from Zuhal Demir, Walter and Johan think. You'll find out in the new episode of Tegenvoets. An episode about #metoo. Also about the trial against Jan Fabre, which will be concluded later this week. The two lawyers note that in cases like this - and there have been a few recently - the perpetrator seldom expresses regret, whereas that would be a good thing for both parties.

And what about the role of the media? The concept of Contempt of Court is emerging. What does it mean and how can it play a role in trials?

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